Young Learners’ Starter: Occupation

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The Young Learners’ Starter is a set of 20 flashcards (transparent, inspiring, soft and colourful picture flashcards) depicting occupations and their names in English.

The flashcards are designed for learning through play, while the youngest learners get to know the names of professions for the first time. Carefully chosen images of professions make it easy to differentiate between them, support the kids’ visual memory and assist them to memorise the names of occupations in English.

The set was designed for both the kindergarten aged children and the pre-school aged children, one year and up.

The Young Learners’ Starter is a perfect tool both for parents and caregivers to introduce children to the extraordinary world of animals, to expand English vocabulary, to develop memory and creativity from the earliest years while still making it fun.


A set is made up of flashcards and a cotton bag. Each one is wrapped with decor tissue paper and makes a perfect gift. 


Our educational flashcards are designed and made in Poland. They are made of 350 grams per square meter paper, covered with a special foil film that makes them resistant to soiling and soft to touch. All flashcards have rounded corners to make them safe for children.


Orders are dispatched via DPD or the Polish Post. The orders are sent on the next working day following the order submission date. The expected delivery time is 2-10 working days.

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