About Us

Edifuny are special educational flashcards for children. They combine learning with play, supporting a young learner’s development from the first months of his/her life. They are top quality products that will last for many years. We take care of proper development and safety of your child and we do our best to ensure them not only a wonderful childhood, but also the easier start into their adult life. We make an effort, because we care!

Who are we?

Our flashcards are a fruit of cooperation between experienced preschool teachers and passionate and committed graphic designers who decided to develop a product together in order to provide a pleasant and effective way to learn English from early years.


Providing high-quality toys that combine learning with play.


To support proper development of children and enable learning English from early years.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our products or if you would like to share your opinion on our products, connect with us at hello@edifuny.pl

Facebook: @edifunypolska

Instagram: @edifunypl

Our products are designed and made in Poland. By shopping with us, you support local business. For packaging we use eco-friendly wrapper made by No Issue. For shipping we use biodegradable mailers.



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